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Keyword Density Checker is a tool built solely for the purpose of calculating the keyword density of any web page.

The dev team at Small SEO Tools created the tool after finding out that some marketers were still stuffing their content with loads of keywords even without realizing it. This left their websites suffering as Google does not want you to cram your content with keywords unnecessarily.

This tool solves that problem perfectly. It allows you to analyze either a whole web page using its URL or a piece of text by copying and pasting.

The simplest method of calculating keyword density is usually to divide the number of times a particular keyword is mentioned in a text by the total number of words in the text, and then multiply the result by one hundred to get your percentage.

Keyword Density Checker - Does it Really Work?

Keyword Density Checker is a very useful tool to use in your keyword research. It has become increasingly popular for the same reason that Google's own Keyword Tool has.

The main reason for its popularity is because it's fast and easy to use. The software does the work for you, providing you with a list of all the words that you have searched for within the last week. A few mouse clicks and you'll have an estimate of how many times that keyword has been searched for.

You can also use the software to find out what your competition is doing and for how long. You can easily see which sites are doing well and which sites are struggling. This will give you a good idea of what keywords to target in your web pages and e-mails.

To make the most of it, you should look into registering your own account. The fee is only $30 a year or a one-time payment of $50. Then, every time you run a search for your keywords, the software will compute the amount of money you'll be making and send you a confirmation notice.

That's great but there's more to it than that. Because the software is so easy to use, people who can't afford it are often tricked into thinking that it is free. It's not, in fact, but it's a useful tool for web site owners who are struggling to make a living.

I use the tool myself and it saves me hours of frustration. It makes it much easier to keep track of the sites that are doing well and the ones that are having problems. It's like having a whiteboard in front of you, so you don't have to spend time and energy Googling.

So if you're struggling to get a good ranking for a particular keyword, consider registering yourself for the tool and see how much you can save. You'll be glad you did!