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Use this Link Analyzer Tool by SEO Tools if you want to analyze the links on your website

Whether you’re acting in response to the latest Penguin update or performing a regular link audit, this free Link Analyzer
Tool by Small SEO Tools makes the process of reviewing and analyzing your links as easy as possible.

This website link checker tool can only be used to analyze the links on one URL (web page) at a time. So, if you want an
in-depth link audit, you should analyze the individual web pages one by one, and not only the home page.

How Can I Perform Link Analysis on the Web With Link Analyzer?

The information from Link Analyzer could provide you a lot of useful tools. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, so you would be able to perform the tasks of link analysis in an easy manner. However, it doesn't have a feature that might be useful for you in performing link analysis on the web. Although the web browser has a feature that allows you to click a button to highlight a link on the web page, sometimes this feature is not available in some browsers.

So, if you are a person who wants to perform link analysis on the web but can't do so because of the browser limitation, you can download the software for Link Analyzer. However, before you buy it, you need to check whether you would be able to use it effectively. You can find lots of free downloads of Link Analyzer which could give you an idea about its functionality.

You need to decide which kind of data you would be able to get from Link Analyzer. You should know the nature of the website where you would be performing link analysis for, how many links you want to analyze and how much time you want to spend on the task. When you are checking for free downloads, you need to compare the price of the product with the price you will be spending for the software.

Before you download Link Analyzer, you need to look for the validity of the software. The product is genuine, so you should not worry about any spyware or malware. However, you should keep in mind that your computer might not be completely safe even if you have a legitimate product.

Check the website and see whether the product has been updated recently. A website might have expired its online availability or the website might have changed its image. To avoid the risk of buying a product that you have already used, it is better to check for updates regularly. This way, you will be able to get the best deal.

If you decide to download Link Analyzer, you need to select the right version from the website. It is best to purchase the software that you can use to run the most accurate analysis on the websites. If you choose the incorrect software, the results will not be accurate.

If you think that what is Link Analyzer is too difficult for you to use, you can download free Link Analyzer software to perform the analysis. Although you will save time and money, you will not be able to enjoy the complete benefits of Link Analyzer.