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What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response. It is basically a 2-D code that contains data in both 1 dimension and 2 dimension (unlike the usual barcodes you see on your everyday products, which store data only in 1D). They have a higher capacity, are resistant to damage and dust, require less space, and are readable from any direction, just to name a few of its advantages over the usual barcodes. In a general sense, it is a code that can be read quickly.

How and where is the QR code used?

QR codes find their usage in a wide variety of applications such as sales, logistics, and manufacturing applications. These are used by several businesses and companies to engage customers with their services or products. These are a marketing tactic used to prompt general interest or sales in a product. They not just promote sales but also allow access to special offers and coupons to customers. There are so many companies which use QR codes to get statistics in order to build their marketing campaigns around. QR codes find their use in non-sales as well. Universities use QR codes to create a more interactive learning experience or to relay information to the students.

How can I create a QR code?

You can create and generate your own QR codes. It is a very simple process and won’t consume more than a couple of minutes. There are many free web-based online code generators available which won’t cost you any money to generate a QR code. Many of these generators also guide you through the process step by step, show you what all you need to create a QR code, and then finally how you should apply it. The only thing that you need to know before starting up with the process is the size of the code you want ( whether you want to print it on a smaller or large surface) and the type of data you want to encode in the QR code. Once all the data and details have been entered by you, the generator will just take a couple of seconds to minutes to make a finished code for you. You can then download the digital copy of that file, get it printed to create a physical QR code, or use a unique URL to link it directly. This will benefit your marketing plan, reward your loyal customers, and help you reach your target audience.

What is a QR code generator?

A QR code generator is an software or tool that stores your data and gives out a QR code from it. There are ample of free QR code generators available out there which you can use to generate your own QR codes for your business or company.

How large can be a QR code?

Now, this is something that people ask quite often. A QR code can be of any size depending upon the symbol version, module size, and the physical surface area. It can be printed in any required size and there is no technical limitation to it. The surface area does not determine the amount of data a QR code can store, but the number of rows and columns that the code contains do. This, in turn, determines the number of small squares (modules) that you see on the code. When we talk about printing the QR code, then the minimum printable size of the code is somewhere around 0.17 mm x21, if you use a common laser printer. There is no limit to the large code sizes, you can print large images too. However, if the image is too large, then it might not be readable with a scanner.

Where did the QR code originate?

QR codes first came into existence in Japan in 1994. It was introduced by Denso Wave in order to track their vehicles. They were finally integrated for public use in 1992. These codes were created so that they could be scanned and easily read by the smartphone cameras. That is when the term ‘QR code’ coined from Quick Response.

How are QR codes constructed?

An online generator, tool, or software is the best way to create and generate QR codes. The first step involves entering the decoder information such as product information or company website and then choosing the size of the code. Apply the text, graphic, texture, color, or size, and then finally generate and print QR codes. Once you download your code, get it printed on different materials and merchandise.

How are QR codes different and how should I use them?

The first fact is obvious that unlike the traditional barcodes they are made up of small squares and not lines. They can store data both in 1D and 2D. They have additional capacity, lets you scan a code in any direction or rotation. If the data within is gets damaged to some extent, it can still be understood and decoded by the code, thus making it resilient and flexible.

The QR codes are very simple to use. The first way is using it through your smartphone, wherein, the code is read through the camera of your phone on an app. It does not take more than 5 seconds to scan and process the data from the code. In case of industrial applications, special hardware are used since they are more reliable and fast. A smartphone with an app is not a good option when you need to scan thousands of codes in a warehouse in an hour.

Are there any types of QR codes?

Yes, there are 3 types of QR codes which are- Micro QR code, iQR code, and Frame QR code.

Micro QR code is the smaller version of a QR code which has a smaller surface area and is used to store a small amount of numerical data. Example- used on a circuit board to identify electronic components.

Frame QR code is blank in the center. The blank area can be used to insert a graphic or a logo in the code.

iQR code can store more data than a usual QR code. They have more number of rows and columns and are more efficient. They also support rectangular modules and can be directly printed on a non-flat surface.

How reliable are the QR codes?

When it comes to reliability, QR codes can be trusted blindly since they will not lose or degenerate the data once they are generated and printed. If it is printed physically on a material or an item, you will lose the data only when that material gets damaged or lost. It has 4 levels of error correction and the maximum amount of code that can be missing or corrupt is 30%, but still readable by the scanner.

Do QR codes have an ‘expiry’?

QR codes, from a technical perspective, never become invalid or does not expire. The data stored in the code cannot be changed and does not expire after a certain time. They are permanent, however, there might be some temporary scan limits which is not a major issue.

Where should I put the QR code?

You can create QR codes on any material and place them on any surface. They are very cheap and can be created in any size. QR codes are used as an alternative method of payment by many stores such as Subway and Paytm. All you need to do is open the particular app, scan the code on it using your camera and pay instantly.

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