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About XML Sitemap Generator

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In technical terms, XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML). It is a standard machine-readable file format, consumable by search engines and other data-munching programs like feed readers.

In the simplest of terms, an Sitemap XML is a document that helps Google and other major search engines better understand your website while crawling it.

It basically lists the URLs (pages) of a site in a structured manner which allows you (the webmaster) to include additional information about each URL. This ranges from information like:

  • When the page was last updated
  • How often it changes
  • How it relates to other URLs in the site
  • Its level of importance to the overall site, etc.

Free and simple

Suitable when you need to quickly create a sitemap for a small web site (up to 500) pages.

No registration required and you get sitemaps ready immediately.

You can download xml sitemap file or receive it via email and put it on your website after that.

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How to Use an XML Sitemap Generator

Using a XML Sitemap Generator for generating a Google XML sitemap is easy. All you need to do is learn how to do it's really not that hard to set up.

You can use any one of the many free XML sitemap generators available to build your Google XML sitemap. However, the problem is, when you use a free XML sitemap generator, you will probably have a hard time keeping the site updated. Why?

Because there are so many out there, Google really has a difficult time keeping up with them all. This is why Google even offers a free XML sitemap generator. But, if you want something more comprehensive and customizable, you can actually pay for one of the paid ones.

However, that big problem is that these XML sitemap generators are also a little more complicated to use. The free ones will generate a pretty basic one, which you can find on their websites. But, the paid ones are usually better, because they have tools that allow you to customize the sitemap even more.

But how do you actually use an XML sitemap generator? This is where a simple search online will give you plenty of great suggestions. But, I always suggest going to Google, because the site is literally loaded with them. In fact, if you go to Google's sitemap generator's page, there is a little widget there that tells you exactly what kind of XML sitemap generator you need to run to generate a sitemap for your site.

So, a good suggestion is to click on the link in the widget and try a few of the options. Some of the options will work and some will not. But, after that, you can actually see what kinds of generators are out there and how easy it is to use.

After that, you can decide whether you want to use one of the paid ones or not. There are some great ones out there for free, but the paid ones offer more customization and they're more powerful. Keep in mind that the more customization, the better it is, because you want the sitemap to be able to easily match up with any search terms.

But, the one thing you really want to look at is the price, because in this case, it really does matter. Do you want to pay a few dollars for a really powerful tool, that only works well on the Internet, or do you want to pay a couple of bucks to get the best and most accurate sitemap generator for your needs?

Even though the free XML sitemap generator will do a pretty good job, they can be difficult to use. That's why I would recommend that you use a paid tool. It can really save you a lot of time, especially if you use a tool like which is one of the better XML sitemap generators available.

The point is, the most important thing is to remember that the XML sitemap generator is not all that difficult to use. You'll be surprised just how easy it is to set up and maintain one, especially if you follow some simple directions that will walk you through the process.

So, as you can see, setting up a sitemap generator isn't too difficult. And the best part is, you can save a lot of time and frustration by using one of the paid XML sitemap generators.